Delivery performance at a location of your choice

Enjoy my one hour live Japanese Flute performance!
- “Zen” “Connection with the universe” ”Relaxation” themed original music numbers
- A great opportunity to make an unforgettable memory in Kyoto and to experience Japanese cultural music arts!

If time slots are still available to reserve, you may request my performance even for tonight.
Please read the details below, and send me a request form at the end.

- Price -
For an audience group that consists of up to 5 people: 10,000 JPY
(2,000 JPY for each additional person)
※Payment has to be made in cash before the performance starts.

- Music/Instruments -

Shakuhachi (Japanese Flute)/Orin (Buddhist Ritual Article)/ Synthesizer
“Zen” “Connection with the universe” ”Relaxation” themed original music numbers

- Location -
Choose your ideal location from one of the below options:
1.Your selected place
Any quiet place can be a performance location. Examples include your home, café, restaurant, hotel, ryokan, etc.
In advance of the performance date, please make sure if playing instruments is allowed at your selected venue.
(Additional costs will be charged if the chosen location is out of Kyoto city.)

2.Furin house “Kazedokoro”
It takes a 10 minute taxi ride from Kyoto station to the house. (Capacity: 20 people)

3.Main hall of a temple
The temple is located near Shijo-Karasuma station.
Availability of the location has to be checked before your reservation is confirmed. (Capacity: 30 people)
(Additional 4,000JPY will be charged as a facility fee)

- Performer -
Hinata Shin
Living in Kyoto, Japan. Fuurin (Japanese wind chimes) is a Japanese flutemusician.
38 years continuous music production, ending up in the current style to explore and discover pleasant sounds. Kyoto is the birthplace of Noh.
Living in a house at the summit of the Higashiyama, creating an abundance of music. It has sent Japan's sound to the world from Kyoto.
In 2003, my career started as a professional Fuurin musician on television and in newspapers known in Japan.
Currently, I carry out activities with a focus on "Fuurin Gagaku Concert" that makes full use of Japan's sound using 30 pieces of wind chimes, or Japanese flutes, and koto and taiko.
Created the 14 songs in the CD, performing in 893 concerts in various parts of Japan since 2015.

- Video -

- Performance Request form -
Send me a request form to reserve my one hour performance session.
If time slots are still available, you may request my performance even for tonight.
Preferable date (If possible, please provide more than one options)
For example:
First choice/Tue., June 7th at 7:00 PM
Second choice/Wed., June 8th at 8:00 PM
Third choice/Thu., June 9th at 7:00PM

- Location

- Name/Address/Phone number of your selected venue (When you choose #1 at location options)

- Your name

- Your phone number

- Your email address (Please make sure there is no error.)

- Comments

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