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The Woven Sounds of the Wind and Star

Music of Wind Chimes and Celestial Language

The 20th anniversary of the performer, and the commemorative work of KIMIKO’s debut has been completed.
Experience the culmination of Hinata Shin.

$20 streaming and Download price

27 tunes hours 51 minutes recorded

1.Full version “The Woven Sounds of the Wind and Star”
2.wind chime version “The Woven Sounds of the Wind”
3.Celestial Language version “The Woven Sounds of the Star”
Total 27 tunes 2 hours 51 minutes

Composer/Arranger/Producer : Hinata Shin (wind chimes performer)
Lyrics and Translation of Celestial Language : Shiun
Recitation of Celestial Language/Song : KIMIKO
Total Advisor : Saya

‘Celestial Language’ is included in this song. It is an adjective that means celestial bodies, stars, and the sky, and means heaven, and it is a prayer that reminds us that we are one with the universe.

1. Rock Maple 6:56
2. HARETOKE 5:49
3. SHIBI Cherry Blossoms 8:00
4. Heaven and Earth 9:01
5. Breath of Princess KONOHANA 5:23
6. Falling Red Petals 6:37
7. Galactic Shard 7:46
8. Spinning Earth 7:05
9. Dawn of Starfall Hill 6:21
Total 62:58

Check out the sample video below.

SHIBI Cherry Blossoms – Included in Celestial Language version
Heaven and Earth – Included in Celestial Language version
<span class="bold-blue"><strong>Saya</strong></span> ( Total Advisor )
Saya ( Total Advisor )

Full version “The Woven Sounds of the Wind and Star” interspersed the
celestial language in cosmic music like a mesmerizing view of the star
twinkling of the sky. Please entrust yourself to the vast space music and
enjoy relaxation music as background music for relaxing bedtime, massage and other treatments, and yoga lessons. You will be able to feel the
healing of the Celestial language in the natural flow of music and relax.

Wind chime version “The Woven Sounds of the Wind” please enjoy the vast
space music created by Hinata’s wind chimes and synthesizers without
Celestial language. In music therapy, it is said that music with only wind
chimes has the power to work on brain dysfunction. For example, when you
have nervous fatigue, when your head is not clear due to chronic stress, or
if you have a higher-order dysfunction in your brain, you will feel a
special healing power in the music of only wind chimes and synthesizers.

Celestial Language version “The Woven Sounds of the Star”made music with
the Celestial language in a style similar to reading, similar to the
concert live venue. Not only as BGM, but also as a music reading art where
you can feel the world of the story of the Celestial language right in
front of you and listen to the Celestial language as if you are following
the story. You will be able to feel the healing power of the Celestial
language as the art of the story itself and the healing power of the voice

1. Rock Maple

Wind chimes used: Odawara wind chimes, Edo wind chimes

Konobe River in Okuiga ( Mie Prefecture ), one of the sources of the Kizu River. It’s 30 minutes by car from my house. Rock maple that exists quietly in the beautiful and pure stream. The maples spread out into the universe as if radiating energy from the megaliths where the gods reside.
Edo wind chimes express the sound of the stream.

To the sound of the clear water of the flowing stream
The gentle sunlight filtering through the trees
The sound of the stream that you hear
Rock maple assimilates with water
Even the rustling sound
really beautiful
The moss on the big rock is also vivid
Search for summer
glitter and reflect light
the heartbeat of water
spinning a thread of cool sounds


Wind chimes used: Nanbu wind chimes, pottery wind chimes, shell wind chimes, bar chimes

HARETOKE is one of the traditional worldviews of the Japanese, bringing harmony and order to life. ‘HARE’ means ‘extraordinary’ such as ceremonies, festivals and annual events, and ‘KE’ means ‘everyday life’. This song was created based on the sermon given by the chief priest of Jofuku-ji Temple in Iga.

today is the best day

Good days and bad days are the same life
Any day is fun
At any time, on the way to walk
flowers are blooming

3. SHIBI Cherry Blossoms

Wind chimes used: Edo wind chimes

‘SHIBI’ is an ancient word for crape myrtle. Wild cherry blossoms blooming on the sacred tree crape myrtle in the grounds of Taneo Shrine in Iga ( Mie Prefecture ). It is a tree of life that brings good fortune when seen. In 2023, I received a report that the chief priest of Tanao Shrine discovered it, and it was a wonderful wave, so I made a song. The wabi-sabi universe is expressed by ringing two Edo wind chimes.

white and red sacred tree
beautiful flowers together
There are blooming old trees
The gentle spring breeze
The world to come will be the same
Be rooted in this land
Fortune comes to what you see
The beginning of happy happiness
What is the name of this sacred tree?
This is it
It’s SHIBI Cherry Blossoms

4. Heaven and Earth

Wind chime used: Myochin fire chopsticks wind chime

Composed with the motif of Fujigasaki Ryujin in Japan’s largest Lake Biwa. There are two Iwaza on the bank of the lake, and a married couple dragon god is enshrined. Gentle sound of waves, two dragon gods whispering prayers. This is expressed with two Myochin Hibashi wind chimes.

beloved earth
everything on earth

give me strength
Our star of hope
all of us

in mother earth
O shining stars of the universe

take our lives
take advantage of us
love us
great mother earth

our memory is
shine in love
life-giving mother
if you are a child of the earth

Compassion, Laughter, Live
oh behold
This is our mother star

Mother Earth, Father Universe,
we have only one star
Scattered stars

Light for a moment, life for eternity

all the roads
Connect and become a bridge of life
Connect and become a home for life

mother star love
in us
springing like a spring
A fountain of motherly love that never dries up

Early Heian Period Songs for Teaching [ame] [tuti] [hoshi] [sora]  starts with [nareite] end with Ametsuchi represents a married couple ryujin The stars in space are illuminating the earth Nereite stands for lullaby (Shiun Supplement)

5. Breath of Princess KONOHANA

Wind chimes used: Ceramic wind chimes, bar chimes

The story of Princess Konohana Sakuya enshrined on Mt. Fuji and Kuzuryujin enshrined on Lake Ashi ( Kanagawa Prefecture ) . In the spring of 2023, I stayed at Lake Ashinoko for 3 days to compose. Lake Ashinoko, also known as Lake Ryugu, has long been an object of worship. The beautiful Mt. Fuji seen from there is a masterpiece. The main pottery wind chime is composed of 21 rings, and its beautiful tone expresses the song of Princess Konohana Sakuya. Kuzuryu responds to that.

6. Falling Red Petals

Wind chime used: bamboo charcoal wind chime

A picture scroll story of cherry blossoms reflected in a cup of cup is being told. It expresses a frame of spring that a priest who is fascinated by the overwhelming beauty of cherry blossoms feels. The sound of the chiming bamboo charcoal wind chime expresses the falling cherry blossom petals.

7. Galactic Shard

Wind chimes used: Nanbu wind chimes, shell wind chimes, binchotan charcoal wind chimes

My house is on the banks of the Kizu River ( Mie Prefecture ). Close to the headwaters of the Kizu River, clear and natural fireflies fly about. And the sky is full of stars. I put myself in that space every night and composed the music. The shell wind chime and Binchotan charcoal wind chime express the flight of fireflies.

8. Spinning Earth

Wind chimes used: wind chime, sinking ring

hey hey
i have so much fun
because everyone is happy
because everyone is shining
so i’m always happy
​happy every day
every day is fun
I’m spinning around in space every day
​everyone shines here
Because we are all the same beings of light
But you know, people don’t know that ​sad isn’t it
But you know, I know
we are all one
​That’s right, we’re the same friends
everyone is about to do you notice?
​if i do ​no
it won’t
you know
So today is also fun
That’s why I’m happy today
​dance yes
I’m going round and round
it’s fun I’m happy
everyone is happy
Because everyone
same as me
Because I am a resident of light
​more and more
​I’m spinning
​I’m happy
It’s interesting
everyone have fun
I’m sure you’ll notice

9. Dawn of Starfall Hill

Wind chimes used: Sanukite wind chimes

Composed with the motif of the dawn of Oshitoishi (Kumamoto Prefecture), which I visit almost every year. At night, Iwakura ( shrine-rock ), which is enshrined on a hill overlooking a 360-degree plateau, is surrounded by stars and welcomes a new morning. A hopeful hour before dawn. This CD concludes with a new departure. A sanukite wind chime made of stone expresses the whispering of Oshito stone.

Composer, Arranger, Producer
Hinata Shin – Lives in Iga. Composer, wind chime player, shakuhachi player.
He has been active in music for 40 years. He explores pleasing sonorities to arrive at his current style.
In Iga (Mie Prefecture), he set up a wind chime mansion called ‘Kazedokoro’ and was inspired by it to release many songs. From Iga, he spreads the wonders of Japan to the world through his music.
In 2003, he started working as a professional performer. He is nationally known on television and in newspapers.
He became famous as a magical sound in health magazines and is used and supported by treatment clinics and salons all over Japan.
Currently, there are 30 wind chimes, shakuhachi, koto, drums, etc., which make full use of the Japanese sounds cultivated in Kyoto. Activities centered around concerts.
Currently, he has released 21 CDs and DVDs and has given 1,165 concerts throughout Japan. (Numbers at the end of 2022)

Recitation of Celestial Language/Song
KIMIKO – Lives in Kobe. Recitation, singing, thinking ring, thinking bowl, dance.
She made her acting debut at the age of 11. She regularly co-stars with Toshio Sakata on TV in Kansai (live broadcast). She is active in the female idol group Ichigo-chan. At the age of 13, she played the leading role in a theater company’s ‘Obake Ringo Fairy Tale’ (written by Shuntaro Tanikawa). At the age of 15, she made her major debut as the heroine in her Toho movie ‘Welter’. At the age of 18, she starred in her first live-action film, World Apartment Horror, directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, as a secondary lead.
During her career as an actress, she has appeared in many films such as V Cinema (Toei), Monday Woman’s Suspense Theater (TV Tokyo), and DRAMADAS (Kansai Television).
She also had a reputation for dubbing.
After getting married, giving birth and raising children, she resumed her activities in recent years.

Lyrics and Translation of Celestial Language
Shiun – Lives in Miyagi Prefecture (born in Aomori Prefecture). Cosmic, Shinto and Buddhism creation Waka poetry writer
From 2022, she will be in charge of waka commentary for Hinata shin’s tunes, tune titles, and Shinto and Buddhist creations for YouTube video distribution. Full text of the CD ‘Tamaiwao’ Waka commentary.
Shinsei Wakon introduces live music commentary on Waka poems / Ryuchin Shrine creates original Waka poems / Fujigasaki couple dragon god creates original Waka poems / Dragon god of seven swamps creates original Waka poems
The images and waka poems that emerge from Hinata Shin’s tunes are all original, and the creative style is created from nothing. During his creation, it feels like connecting herself to the world above with a plug, and although he has his own consciousness, Shiun, who is creating, is a person from a completely different dimension. From there, short words, landscapes, and colors come to mind as images, and as they come down more and more, it’s a style that puts them into words.
As for the episode, “Tama Iwao” suddenly came up with the characters (Tama to Iwao) during a live performance.

Total Advisor

Lives in Yatsugatake. Pianist, Instructor for music college entrance exams, music therapist, Dalcroze method, composition, crystal bowl, etc.In 2017, she received lessons from Professor Kazimierz Gierzod, the President of the Frederic Chopin Society in Warsaw, one of the world’s top piano professors, who came to Japan. and is still studying.
In addition, she specializes in mind-body integration bodywork. She continued to learn even after graduating from a five-year body psychotherapist training school for working adults in Japan, which is certified by an organization in Europe. She also graduated from the Ma Qigong acupuncture therapist training course. She has studied yoga and the Feldenkrais method for more than 10 years,etc.
Her life’s work explores the harmony between music and nature, mind, body and soul, and understands the power to reach the wisdom deep within the body.
Impressed by Shin Hinata’s healing music on YouTube, she joined Team Amane, leading to her current activities.

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  • You can listen to various versions of 27 tunes for a total of 125 minutes and 56 seconds.